Due to the system in Taiwan not really being set up for APRC and ARC holders, you will be frustrated to find that you cannot simply use your health insurance card to login to the portal like a local. – This is something you need to get used to in Taiwan.

However, this is one way… the Alien Citizens digital card. Our partners over at foreignersintaiwan have a guide: https://www.foreignersintaiwan.com/blog-370963385326684/taiwan-alien-digital-citizen-certificate-faq

Once you have set up your Alien Citizens Digital certificate, next parts are easy. https://edesk.bli.gov.tw/na/

First, I suggest using Chrome. Chrome will often translate the Chinese characters into English for you.

All in Chinese. Try using Chrome browser to translate
Ah…. Much better

Enter in your details.

Use Chrome to have it translated to English

Scroll down and tick ‘agree’ and hit ‘sure’

Use Chrome to have it translated to English

Go to ‘Query job’ and then click “Workers’ pension personal account information”

And there you have it! Done! If you used Google Chrome, you will be able to view it in English.

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