This is a continuation to the “What is that CRS/FATCA form and why is my bank telling me to declare that I am a tax resident?” page. Make sure that you have read this before proceeding and that you are NOT an American citizen.

Step 1: fill out your details on the first page accordingly.

Fill in the above details

Step 2: Write down the jurisdiction of tax residence as only “Taiwan.” The bank staff will start to ask you for you home countries’ tax number. REMEMBER! Unless you are a “Tax Resident.” As discussed here. Do not make a false declaration as the penalties and problems discussed will be on YOU and not the bank.

The staff will have a hissy fit and make a call to their head office (whom will confirm what this guide tells you) – you’re welcome.

Do NOT give the bank your home country TFN unless you are a ‘tax resident’ or want to cause needless problems.

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